About Deep-Mined Protocol

Deep-Mined Protocol is a decentralized platform that helps to inform the Blockchain worldwide and make it easy to obtain and access to cryptocurrency.


The platform consists of Automatic Mileage Mining System that automatically can get mileage, Reward System, Multi-Coin Wallet and Payment System that can store and transmit various cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrency is secured in your wallet. It can be exchanged for cash at cryptocurrency exchange and you can use it where cryptocurrency is paid.

Reliable systems and Services

Complete decentralization of digital assets

Systematic security and Asset protection systems

Global network


We continuously develop Deep-Mined Protocol platform and build infrastructure to provide differentiated services in this industry.


We provide an easy to access platform for everyone, even beginners with low entry barrier and convenient UX. Also, we try to build customer trust in sustainable value framework.


Several years of doing business and platform construction know-how, we have Systematic security and Asset protection system. We provide the best services to our customers through reliable and efficient system.


On the global marketplace

No World Wide Platform:

Two out of three people around the world have smartphones and the number of people is increasing. With smartphones anyone in the world can easily access to the platform provided by Deep-Mined Protocol.

No Safe Transactions:

In order to operate the platform elements independently, we have made an independent Blockchain network, not existing Blockchain network frame. We have protection system against external intrusion, also we are working with the best IT experts to provide reliable service.

No Global Payment Systems:

As we established a global payments network for Cryptocurrency based on Cryptocurrency Multi-wallet, not Deep-Mined Protocol but also various Cryptocurrencies can be used.


Our method and vision


We try to provide fair and valuable rewards to anyone who does activities equivalent of mining. That is why we proceed to make a plan and strategy, and do verification and analysis of reward system.


To protect digital assets from malicious hacking, we have our own secure keyboard and encryption solutions connected to the application using API(Application Programing Interface) for each stored cryptocurrency.


The Automatic Mileage Service is available without any effort. You can earn “Deep Mileage” automatically by simple identification and exchange with only a simple identification. You can exchange Deep Mileage for cash or trade in Deep-mined pool.

The main issue


Deep-Mined Pool is a reliable system based on the amount of Deep Mileage, a market price of cryptocurrency and etc that decides exchange rate of Deep Mileage and cryptocurrency.

How it works

The ecosystem based on Blockchain has been optimized.

Smart Blockchain & Global Innovation

Deep-Mined protocol platform is combination of Blockchain and smartphones, so it can be introduced to many people. It is easy to access for anyone in the world who has a smartphone through an application with no restriction.

Multiple Device, Optimization UX/UI

We provide ideal UX / UI for customers to access to the platform more easily and conveniently, and we try to build an environment that Blockchain creates new value.

Innovation & Expertise

We will become an Evangelist of future finance through continuous challenges and lead the Blockchain industry with the best experts who do in-depth analysis as a pioneer of the Blockchain.

Systematic and safe system

We secure stability and efficiency of our own security system with the biggest IT infrastructure and IT experts, and we can protect our customers’ digital assets.

Expansion of coin use range

Using cryptocurrency in everyday life is our goal, so we try to build a system that make it possible to purchase and pay within platform through Deep-Mined protocol.

Deep-Mined protocol
Coin information

Here are benefits of presale of Deep-Mined protocol coin and cost-effectiveness, amount of issue and etc.

600,000,000 Total amount of issue
50,000,000 Upper limit
20,000,000 Lower limit
100,000,000 Amount of Coins revealed
$0.1 USD Price of presale
ETH, BTC, USD Available Currency

Bonus Details

PRE SALE-Season 1
PRE SALE-Season 2
PRE SALE-Season 3
chart Rate of Coin
  • Sales Of Token 30%
  • Platform Development Operation 15%
  • Advisor And Partner 15%
  • Exchange With Deep Mileage 30%
  • Reserved For Platform Expansion 10%
chart Rate of Fund
  • Development And Engineering 50%
  • Marketing And Deep Operations 30%
  • Operations And Commercialization 10%
  • Law , Audit, And Compliance 5%
  • Reserved For Business Progress 5%

White Paper

For those who want to learn more about the Deep-mined Protocol Coin, please Download the white paper below.

White Paper (Korean)
White paper (English)

Road map

Progress and development schedule of Deep –mined Protocol Coins.

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